EU, Britain and the Sea briefing to raise critical maritime issues ahead of EU Referendum

08 June 2016

British maritime experts will gather to debate critical issues on fisheries, shipping and maritime security left hanging in the balance ahead of the EU referendum.

Rear Admiral Chris Parry lands best maritime journalism contribution in 2015

12 November 2015

Naval leaders and British peers gathered in London tonight (November 12) for the Maritime Media Awards honouring the best of British maritime literature, journalism and filmmaking in 2015.

Britain’s best maritime writers and filmmakers of 2015 revealed

02 November 2015

The best in British maritime media in 2015 has today been revealed in the Maritime Media Awards shortlist which celebrates outstanding contributions from journalists, writers and filmmakers – whose work deepens understanding of Britain’s dependence on the sea.

“Land grab at sea” threatens world trade and peace Britain and the Sea conference warns

24 September 2015

Land grab at sea – the aggressive territorial expansion of nations like Russia and China into the ocean – presents one of the greatest threats to world trade and peace in the 21st century, an audience has heard at the Britain and the Sea conference.

Britain and the Sea Conference 2015

27 August 2015

Just how vulnerable is international trade? Britain and the Sea conference examines the opportunities and the risks Leading maritime experts and senior members of the Royal Navy will be exploring the balance between commercial opportunity, security and defence in a globalised trading economy.

20 years promoting maritime awareness

27 May 2015

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Maritime Foundation’s work in informing public opinion and raising the profile of the maritime sector through its awards programme.