Maritime Media Awards

The Maritime Media Awards 2019

The Maritime Media Awards 2019 will take place at Drapers' Hall on Thursday, 31 October 2019.

This year marks the twenty-fourth year of the Maritime Media Awards, which were launched in 1995 by the Maritime Foundation to honour journalists, authors and others whose work in the media has served to create greater public understanding of maritime issues, and of Britain’s manifold dependence on the sea.

The Awards Committee very much welcomes the part played by the public in bringing attention to deserving work across the range of media the Awards represent.

The Awards

Four of the six annual Awards are open to public nomination*

*From 2018, slightly amended titles have been adopted for the four publicly nominated Awards. The judging criteria remain unchanged and references to previous winners in any of the Award categories reflect complete continuity of identity of these Award categories.

A celebration of maritime journalism, literature,
digital innovation, and filmmaking

The Maritime Media Awards is attended by more than 200 prominent members of the international maritime community and media.

MMA2018 Mountbatten Illustrated Winner

Other Awards

The Awards suite also includes the Royal Navy – Desmond Wettern Fleet Award and the Maritime Fellowship Award, for which nominations are made, respectively, by the Royal Navy and the Maritime Media Awards Judging Committee.