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About Us

The Maritime Foundation promotes awareness of the United Kingdom’s dependence upon the sea and seafarers

The Maritime Foundation champions the vital role maritime plays in the prosperity, security and sustainability of our island nation

The UK’s population relies on maritime, with around 95% of all imported and exported goods transported by sea and the Foundation works to sustain the UK as a global leader in commercial shipping, the maritime leisure industry, nautical education, defence and environmental consciousness.

Celebrating maritime journalism, literature, digital innovation, and filmmaking

Launched in 1995, the Maritime Media Awards honour journalists, authors, filmmakers, digital creators and others whose work in the media has served to create a greater public understanding of maritime issues, and of the United Kingdom’s dependence upon the sea.

Innovation, Inspiration and Forward Thinking

Looking to the future, the Maritime Foundation aims to build upon its 40 years of experience in campaigning for a stronger, cleaner and secure maritime environment – for which we all depend on, at home and abroad.

As a proud champion of the sea, the Maritime Foundation is evolving to highlight and promote future technologies and opportunities by updating the scope and reach of the Maritime Media Awards with a fresh focus on innovation and inspiring future generations.