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Maritime 2023 published

The Maritime Foundation has published Maritime 2023, the latest edition of its annual magazine with a broad range of authoritative articles reflecting the theme “Between global needs and geopolitics”, as well as insights into various aspects of Britain’s maritime history.

Maritime 2023 is a study in perseverance and perspective, with a very large personality and examines how understanding the nature of the challenges ahead is the first step to resolving them, and while there are clear lines of connection between Britain’s past achievements, its present challenges and its future ambitions, several contributions emphasise that many of the old ways are no longer sustainable.

The 64-page magazine also pays tribute to Anthony Harvey who recognised the importance of perseverance and perspective in keeping government aligned with maritime, and was the driving force behind the Maritime Foundation for more than 30 years.

Anthony passed away in October, and such was his commitment to Britain’s maritime heritage and future potential that he led the Foundation team until the end. Read his full obituary here

Highlights from Maritime 2023

Professor Callum Roberts, Professor of Marine Conservation at the University of Exeter, assesses the prospects in the run-up to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity meeting in Montreal

Iain Ballantyne, Editor of WARSHIPS International Fleet Review, considers the sea of troubles upon which the Royal Navy must sail, and looks at projected developments in the fleet

Dr Andrew Boyd, naval historian, examines the strengths and vulnerabilities of subsea communication systems

Mark Dickinson, General Secretary of Nautilus International, calls for the removal of the barriers to maritime training

Rear Admiral Rex Cox, CEO of the National Shipbuilding Office, welcomes the government’s broadened vision for the UK shipbuilding sector and its supply chains

Maritime 2023 is available in digital format or online