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The Maritime Fellowship Award

The Award, for which the nomination is made by the Maritime Media Awards Committee, honours an individual who has made a truly outstanding contribution at the national level to stimulating public engagement in maritime issues.

In particular, it seeks to honour either a lifetime of dedicated service, a leading role in realising a decisive outcome (such as a major maritime event or breakthrough) or a significant influence about thinking or understanding of the maritime dimension over time.

The Maritime Fellowship Award
Vice Admiral Jerry Kyd CBE presents Julian Parker OBE with the Maritime Fellowship Award 2021 at the Maritime Media Awards 2020 and 2021 as the Maritime Foundation returned to London’s Drapers’ Hall on Friday, 27 May 2022 at a reception and lunch attended by a diverse representation of the maritime community and the past two years of the book, film, digital media, and journalism award winners.

Recent Award Winners

2017 Iain Ballantyne and John Murray
2018 Sir David Attenborough
2019 Sir Donald Gosling (posthumously)
2020 No award given
2021 Julian Parker OBE
2022 No award given

The prize is a hand-blown Athena crystal bowl with a detachable engraved silver base.

Please note: From 2023, prizes may differ due to changes to the Awards programme.