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Maritime 2021 published

The Maritime Foundation has published Maritime 2021, the latest edition of its annual magazine which asks the question, how will Global Maritime Britain develop in the modern era?

The 80-page magazine includes articles from distinguished figures in the maritime and marine sectors and this edition of Maritime magazine shows there is a great deal of business to be done by British shipping, and most of it will be done on the world stage.

Highlights from Maritime 2021

Basil Germond, Director of Research Training at Lancaster University surveys the message promulgated worldwide by the government’s Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy

Gavin Allwright, Secretary-General of the International Windship Association, takes stock of promising developments in wind-powered shipping

Marta Montojo and Ian Urbina of The Outlaw Ocean Project describe the portents of a deep sea Klondike – lucre for some; further destruction for the marine environment

Ian Waddell, General Secretary of the CSEU, calls for an integrated and collaborative approach to shipbuilding and defence procurement

Jim Portus, CEO of the South Western Fish Producers’ Organisation exposes the government’s betrayal of the fishing industry

Maritime 2021 is available online and in print, click here for details on how to order copies.