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Battle of Atlantic Dinner

Dubbed by Winston Churchill as the “longest, largest, and most complex” naval battle in history, this special black-tie/uniform dinner will commemorate the longest continuous military campaign in World War II.

Battle of the Atlantic - Canadian Corvette

The Battle of the Atlantic

The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest continuous military campaign in World War 2, at its height from mid-1940 through to the end of 1943. The BOA demonstrated the enduring importance of control of the sea to provide a highway for the transport of raw materials, munitions, and men, to maintain the nation’s security and to project power across the globe.

The Battle of the Atlantic was pivotal to the success of the allied side in World War 2. After the fall of Europe, the main supply route for the continued prosecution of the war was between north America and the UK across the North Atlantic. Ultimately it was the successful protection of this vital sea corridor by British and allied ships from the German surface and U-boat threat that led to success in North Africa, at D-Day and ultimately resulted in the fall of Germany.

Commemorative Dinner

This special black-tie/uniform dinner will welcome guest speakers to share their stories of the seafarers of the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy who ensured survival of this country in which over 80,000 lost their lives.

Speakers will include:

Admiral John Lang

John Lang is a retired professional mariner who has served in both the Merchant Navy and Royal Navy. He first went to sea in 1959 as a navigating officer cadet with the P&O and later transferred to the Royal Navy where he specialised in both submarines and navigation. He commanded two submarines and a frigate and his last appointment before retiring in 1995, was Deputy Chief of Defence Intelligence in the rank of Rear Admiral.

Guests will also enjoy a specially designed three course dinner with wine by Executive Chef Roger Evans.

Maritime Foundation and the Royal Navy

This special evening is supported by the Maritime Foundation and the Royal Navy.

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IoDLocation: Institute of Directors (London)
Date: Wednesday, 26 February 2014 (18:30)
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