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Maritime Media Awards 2014

Institute of Directors
Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Desmond Wettern Media Award


Sam Bannister, Defence Correspondent, Portsmouth News


Kate Adamson, Editor, Futurenautics Magazine
Iain Ballantyne,
 Editor, Warships International Fleet Review
Sam Chambers, Editorial Director, Asia Shipping Media
Mike Critchley, Editor, Warship World
Richard Fisher, Former Feature Editor, New Scientist
Sam Llewellyn, Editor, Marine Quarterly
Bernard McCall, Editor, Coastal Shipping Magazine
Cathy McLean, News Editor, BYM News, Gibraltar
Louise Nicholls, Communications Manager, RYA
John Roberts, Editor, Scuttlebutt Magazine
Hamish Ross, Editor, Sea Breezes
Admiral Lord West, “Britain at Sea: The RN in the 20th Century”, BBC Radio Four series – June 2014
Howard Wheeldon, Strategic Defence Analyst, Wheeldon Strategic Advisory

Mountbatten Maritime Award


Andrew Adams & Richard Woodman – Light upon the Waters: the History of Trinity House – Celebrating 500 years (The Corporation of Trinity House)


David Barrie – Sextant: a voyage guided by the stars and the men who mapped the world’s oceans (William Collins)
Jessica Berry – South Devon’s Shipwreck Trail (Amberley Publishing)
Rip Bulkeley – Bellingshausen and the Russian Antarctic Expedition, 1819-21 (Palgrave Macmillan)
Horatio Clare – Down to the Sea in Ships (Vintage Books/Random House)
Quintin Colville & James Davey – Nelson, Navy and Nation: The Royal Navy and the British People 1688-1815 (Conway Publishing)
Ian Collard – Modern Mersey Shipping (Coastal Shipping Publications)
Tilly Culme-Seymour – Island Summers (Bloomsbury Publishing)
J D Davies – Britannia’s Dragon: A Naval History of Wales (The History Press)
Alistair Deayton – Directory of Clyde Paddle Steamers (Amberley Publishing)
Steve R Dunn – The Scapegoat: The Life and Tragedy of a Fighting Admiral and Churchill’s Role in His Death (Book Guild Publishing)
Geoff Dyer – Another Great Day at Sea (Visual Editions)
Mike Farquharson-Roberts – A History of the Royal Navy: World War I (I. B. Tauris Publishers)
Roy Fenton – Tramp Ships: An Illustrated History (Pen and Sword Books)
Howard J Fuller – Empire, Technology and Seapower: Royal Navy Crisis in the Age of Palmerston (Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group)
Dr John Gould, Gerald Siedler, Stephen Griffies & John Church – Ocean Circulation and Climate – A 21st Century Perspective (The Academic Press/Elsevier Books)
Captain Okkert-Ernst Grapow & Tony Westby-Nunn – A Tug At My Heart (Unknown)
Guy Grieve – Sea Legs (Bloomsbury Publishing)
David Gunn – Sailor in the Desert (Pen and Sword Books)
Simon J Hall – Under a Yellow Sky: A Tale of the Sea and Coming of Age (Whittles Publishing Ltd)
Captain Peter Hore Editor – Through Albert’s Eyes: The British Navy at War and Peace Volume 2 of a Bentley-Buckle Series (Whittles Publishing Ltd)
Nicholas Leach – The Lifeboat Service in Scotland (Amberley Publishing)
Matt Lewis – Last Man Off: A True Story of Disaster and Survival on the Antarctic Seas (Viking Books/Penguin Books)
Jan Martin Lemnitzer – Power, Law and the End of Privateering (Palgrave Macmillan)
Michael Lloyd – Convoy Ship (Witherby Publishing)
Owen Matthews – Glorious Misadventures (Bloomsbury Publishing)
Janette McCutcheon – RMS Queen Elizabeth: the Beautiful Lady (Amberley Publishing)
John McWilliams – The Cornish Fishing Industry (Amberley Publishing)
Nigel Millard – The Lifeboat (Conway/Amberley Publishing)
Graeme Ogden – My Sea Lady – An Epic Memoir of the Arctic Convoys by the late Graeme Ogden (Bene Factum Publishing)
Lincoln Paine – The Sea and Civilization: A Maritime History of the World (Atlantic Books)
Chris Parry – Super Highway: Sea Power in the 21st Century (Elliott & Thompson)
Adam Rackley – Salt, Sweat, Tears: the Men who Rowed the Oceans (Viking Books/Penguin Books)
Duncan Redford – A History of the Royal Navy: World War II (I. B. Tauris Publishers)
Duncan Redford & Philip D Grove – The Royal Navy: A History since 1900 (I. B. Tauris Publishers)
Peter Reese – The Men Who Gave Us Wings (Pen and Sword Books)
Martin Robson – A History of the Royal Navy: the Napoleonic Wars (I. B. Tauris Publishers)
Professor Helen Sampson – International Seafarers and Transnationalism in the Twenty-first Century (Manchester University Press)
Roz Savage – Stop Drifting, Start Rowing (Hay House UK Ltd)
Bob Shepton – Addicted to Adventure: Between Rocks and Cold Places (Adlard Coles Nautical/Bloomsbury Publishing)
Prof Miles Taylor – The Victorian Empire and Britain’s Maritime World, 1837-1901: the Sea and Global History (Palgrave Macmillan)
Simon Wills – Lifeboatmen (Pen and Sword Books)
Andrew Wiltshire – Tugs in Colour – Worldwide (Coastal Shipping Publications)
Witherby Publishing Group – Ship to Ship Transfer Guide for Petroleum, Chemicals and Liquefied Gases (Witherby Publishing Group)
Witherby Publishing Group – Passage Planning Guidelines: 2nd Edition (Witherby Publishing Group)
Witherby Publishing Group – Marine Fuels and Emissions (Witherby Publishing Group)

Donald Gosling Award


Simon Paintin and Adrian Edmondson
Ade at Sea
Shiver (ITV Productions) (ITV)


Will Anderson, Series Producer & Director
Hugh’s Last Stand
Keo Films (Channel 4)

David Belton, Writer & Director
The Silent War
BBC History/BBC SB (BBC Two)

Tom Beard, Camera & Director Keo North
Britain’s Whale Hunters – The Untold Story
Keo Films (BBC Four)

Paul Bozymowski, Director, Jon Kamen & Justin Wilkes, Producers
When The Last Ship Sails
Radical Media (BBC One)

David Briggs Series Producer/Director
Clydebuilt: The Ships That Made The Commonwealth
BBC Science (BBC Two Scotland)

Jane Cameron, Series Producer
The Harbour
Tern TV (BBC One Scotland)

Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Verena Paravel
Dogwoof Distributors (DVD)

Jeffrey C Chandor, Writer/Director
All Is Lost
Universal Pictures International UK (UK Release)

Simon Davies, Producer and Director
Monty Halls and the Kaiser’s Gold
Seadog Productions (Channel 5)

Heather Forbes Executive Producer
The Billion Dollar Wreck Hunt
JWM Productions (Channel 5)

Paul Greengrass, Director
Captain Phillips
Sony Pictures UK (General Release)

Edward Hart, Director & Series Producer
Dive WWII: Our Secret History
BBC and 360 Production (BBC Two)

Eamon Hardy & Ruth Caleb, Executive Producers
The Whale
BBC History London/BBC SB (BBC One)

David Harvey, Writer and Producer
Marchioness: Party Boat Disaster
Circle Films (Channel 5)

John Hodgson, Producer and Director
Britain and the Sea
BBC Arts Production (BBC One)

Adam Keelan
Series Producer and Director
Sea City – Series 2
BBC South Productions (BBC Two)

William Naylor, Series Producer
Shipwrecks: Britain’s Sunken History
BBC Arts Production Bristol (BBC Four)

Peter Oxley, Producer
The World’s Biggest Ship
Windfall Films (Quest/Discovery Channel)

Lee Reading
Producer and Director
Huge Hovercraft: Monster Moves
Windfall Films (Channel 5)

Crispin Sadler, Producer
Deep Wreck Mysteries
Mallinson Sadler Productions (Yesterday)

Jules Seymour, Producer, Director and Narrator
The Cruise: A Life at Sea
BBC Religion & Ethics, Salford (BBC Two)

Tim Taylor, Series Producer
Time Team: The Lost Submarine of World War I
Picturehouse Television with VideoText Communications and Wildfire TV (Channel 4)

Dan Trelford, Producer & Richard Pearson, Director
PQ 17: An Arctic Convoy Disaster
BBC History/BBC SB (BBC Two)

Anthony Wonke, Producer and Director
Piper Alpha: Fire in the Night
STV Productions and Berriff McGinty Films (BBC Two)

First Sea Lord's Digital Media Award


Gillian Churchill & Communications Team – Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA)

Maritime Fellowship Award


Richard Sadler – CEO of Lloyd’s Register

Desmond Wettern Fleet Award


HMS Daring