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Maritime Media Awards 2012

Institute of Directors
Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Desmond Wettern Media Award


Richard Hargreaves, News Editor – Navy News


Deborah Haynes, Defence Correspondent – The Times
Iain Ballantyne, Editor – Warship IFR
Sam Llewellyn, Editor – The Marine Quarterly
Mike Powell, Defence Correspondent – Portsmouth News
Andrew Bray, Former Editor – Yachting World (also on the staff of Yachting Monthly)
Pauline Aquilina, DMC-PR (Navy) – Publisher / Editor of RN and RM activity on the Navy’s online/social media pages principally RN Facebook page.
Frank Gardner OBE, Security Correspondent – BBC
David Willetts, Defence Correspondent – The Sun
Nick Childs, Freelance Journalist and Author

Mountbatten Maritime Award


Professor Callum Roberts – Ocean of Life (Allen Lane / Penguin Books)


Bernard Edwards – War under the Red Ensign (Pen and Sword)
Kevin Brown – Poxed and Scurvied (Seaforth Publishing)
David Hobbs – The British Pacific Fleet – The RN’s Most Powerful Strike Force (Seaforth Publishing)
Conrad Waters – Naval Review 2012 (Seaforth Publishing)
Andrew St George – The Royal Navy Way of Leadership (Random House)
Sharon Poole and Andrew Sassoli-Walker – P&O Cruises – Celebrating 175 Years of Heritage (Amberley Publishing)
Richard Hopton – Captain Robert Ryder VC (Pen and Sword)
Marcus Faulkner – War at Sea – A Naval Atlas 1939-45 (Seaforth Publishing)
John Johnson-Allen – “They couldn’t  have done it without us” – The Merchant Navy in the Falklands War (Seafarer Books)
Andrew Lambert – The Challenge: Britain Against America in the Naval War of 1812 (Faber & Faber)
Tad Fitch, J Kent Layton, Bill Wormstedt – On a Sea of Glass: The Life and Loss of the RMS Titanic (Amberley Publishing)
Nic Compton – Titanic on Trial (Bloomsbury)
Brendan Hall – Team Spirit: Life and leadership on one of the world’s toughest yacht races (Adlard Coles Nautical)
Les Powles – Solitaire Spirit: Three times around the world single-handed (Adlard Coles Nautical)
Jonathan Eyers – How to Snog a Hag Fish: Disgusting things in the sea (Adlard Coles Nautical)
Sandra Clayton – Turtles in our Wake (Adlard Coles Nautical)
Justin Ruthven-Tyers – Phoenix from the Ashes: The boat that rebuilt our lives (Bloomsbury)
Steve Bush – British Warships and Auxiliaries 1952 – Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Edition (Maritime Books)
Nigel Cliff – The Last Crusade – The Epic Voyages of Vasco Da Gama (Atlantic Books)
Robin Paine and Roger Syms – On a Cushion of Air – The Story of Hoverlloyd (Writersworld)
Nick Childs – Britain’s Future Navy (Pen and Sword)
Martin Black – G L Watson: The Art and Science of Yacht Design (Peggy Bawn Press)
Alastair Graham and Eric Grove – HMS Ark Royal: Zeal Does Not Rest 1981-2011 (Maritime Books)
Meriel Larken – The Ship, The Lady and The Lake (Bene Factum Publishing)
Frances Wilson – How to Survive the Titanic or The Sinking of J Bruce Ismay (Bloomsbury)
Andrew Bell and Murray Robinson – Shaw Savill’s Magnificent Seven (Ships In Focus Publications)
Philip Marsden – The Levelling Sea (Harper Collins)
Rear Admiral John Lang – Titanic: A Fresh Look at the Evidence by a Former Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents (Seafarer Books / Rowman & Littlefield)
Shane Spall – The Voyages of The Princess Matilda (Ebury Publishing)
John Jordan – Warships After Washington (Seaforth Publishing)
Bruce Taylor – The End of Glory (Seaforth Publishing)
Dr Jane Harrold  – Dark Seas: The Battle of Cape Matapan (University of Plymouth Press)

Donald Gosling Award


Andy Attenburrow
Arctic Convoys
Testimony Films (Yesterday)


Richard Hammond & Lucy van Beek
Journey to the Bottom of the Ocean
Lion TV Scotland (BBC2)

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall & Will Anderson
Hugh’s Fish Fight – The Battle Continues
Keo Films (Channel 4)

Jeremy Turner
Nelson’s Navy Back from the Dead
October Films (Channel 4)

Rosie Kingham
RN: Submarine Mission
Firelight Productions (Five, National Geographic)

Jamie Crawford
Mayday Mayday
Wall to Wall (ITV1)

Francis Whatley
The Most Courageous Raid of WW2
BBC Productions 2000 (BBC)

Tim Taylor
Brunel’s Last Launch: The story of the ill-fated Great Eastern
Picturehouse Television / VideoText Communications (Channel 4)

Andrew Bell
Three Men in a Boat to New England
Liberty Bell (BBC2)

Marc Tiley & Paul O’Connor
The Sinking of the Concordia
Dragonfly Productions (Channel 4)

Esther Ingram & Steve Crabtree
The Cutty Sark
BBC Productions (BBC2)

Kevin Jarvis & Simon Davies
Toughest Place to be a… Fisherman
BBC Productions (BBC2)

Andrew Fettis
Three Men in a Boat – The Boat Bits
Liberty Bell (BBC2)

Paul Crompton
Timothy Spall – All at Sea
Barge Pole Productions (BBC4)

Monty Halls
The Fisherman’s Apprentice
BBC Productions (BBC)

Mark Fielder
The Great Falklands Gamble: Revealed
Quickfire Media (Channel 5)

Richard Dale
Inside the Titanic
Dangerous Films Ltd (Channel 5)

Edward Hart
Titanic with Len Goodman
360 Production Ltd (BBC1)

Samantha Beddoes and Jonathan Challis
Disasters at Sea: Why Ships Sink
Pioneer Productions (Channel 4)

Catrine Clay
Myths of the Titanic
BBC / History Channel (BBC2)

Simon Mansfield
Titanic: The Band Played On
Colour Television (Yesterday)

Vanessa Colosi
The Sinking of the Concordia: Caught on Camera
Dragonfly Productions (Channel 4)

Andrew Carter
Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve
BBC Productions (BBC2)

Matt Barrett
Rowing the Arctic
BBC Scotland (BBC1)

Peter Berg
Universal UK (Feature Film)

Steve Evanson
Coast: Series
BBC Productions Birmingham (BBC2)

Michael Davies
Britain’s Lost Routes: Episode – Thames Barge Dawn
Modern Television (BBC1)

Malcolm Gerrie
Titanic: A Commemoration In Music and Film
Whizz Kid Entertainment (BBC2)

Maritime Fellowship Award


Richard Doughty – Cutty Sark

Adrian Evans – Thames Diamond Jubilee River Pageant

Desmond Wettern Fleet Award


HMS Somerset