Full List of Nominations for the Maritime Media Awards 2020

The Awards Committee very much welcomes the part played by the public in bringing attention to deserving work across the range of media the Awards represent.

Published: 20 August 2020

The Desmond Wettern Award for Best Journalism

Sam Chambers
Editor, Splash 24/7

Adam Corbett
Correspondent, TradeWinds

Con Coughlin
Defence Editor, The Daily Telegraph

Elizabeth Kolbert
Writer, The New Yorker

Sam Llewellyn
Editor, Marine Quarterly

Bill McKibben
Freelance Journalist, Fortune

George Monbiot
Environmental Correspondent, The Guardian

Dominic Nicholls
Defence Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph

Captain Jeff Parfitt
Director, CHIRP Maritime

Fred Pearce
Science Correspondent

Paul Ridgway
Shipping Correspondent, Seagull

Alan Tovey
Shipping Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph

Ben Webster
Environment Editor, The Times

Kate Whitehead
Freelance Journalist, South China Morning Post

The Mountbatten Award for Best Book

David AbulafiaThe Boundless Sea: A Human History of The Oceans (Allen Lane)
Antony AdlerNeptune's Laboratory: Fantasy, Fear, and Science at Sea (Harvard University Press)
Lamorna AshDark, Salt, Sea - Life in the Cornish Fishing Town (Bloomsbury)
Sheila Bransfield – The Man Who Discovered Antarctica, Edward Bransfield Explained (Frontline Books)
Les BrownBlack Swan Class Sloops: Detail in the Original Builders Plan (Seaforth Publishing)
Vincent BrownTacky's Revolt: The Story of an Atlantic Slave War (Harvard University Press)
Darius BugajskiThe Polish Naval Academy: In the Centenary of Regaining Access to the Baltic Sea (Polish Naval Academy)
Anthony Burton and Derek PrattBritain's Canals: Exploring their Architectural and Engineering Wonders (Bloomsbury)
Serena Cant and Aidan DodsonSpoils of War: The Fate of Enemy Fleets after the Two World Wars (Pen & Sword)
Philippe CaresseThe Battleships of the Iowa Class: A Design and Operational History (US Naval Institute Press)
Phil CarradiceBritain's Last Invasion: The Battle of Fishguard 1797 (Pen & Sword History)
Phil CarradiceThe Battle of Tsushima (Pen & Sword History)
Andrew Choong – Armoured Cruiser 'Cressy' (Pen & Sword)
Doug Bock ClarkThe Last Whalers: The Life of an Endangered Tribe in a Land Left Behind (John Murray)
Ian CollardThe Port of Southampton (Amberley)
Juliet CoombeMayflower: A Sea Change (Bookfluential)
Caroline CramptonThe Way to the Sea: The Forgotten Histories of the Thames Estuary (Granta)
Jim CrossleyChurchill's Admiral in Two World Wars: Admiral of The Fleet Lord Keyes of Zeebrugge and Dover GCB KCVO CMG DSO (Pen & Sword)
Tom CunliffeCelestial Navigation (Fernhurst)
Mick DawsonNever Leave a Man Behind: Around the Falklands and Rowing across the Pacific (Little Brown)
James DelgadoWar at Sea: A Shipwrecked History from Antiquity to the Twentieth Century (Oxford University Press)
Gillian Dooley and Philippa SandallTrim, The Cartographer's Cat: The Ships Cat Who Helped Flinders Map Australia (Bloomsbury)
Steve DunnBattle in the Baltic: The Royal Navy and the Fight to Save Estonia and Latvia 1918–1920 (Pen & Sword)
Bernard EdwardsFrom Hunter to Hunted: The U-Boat War in the Atlantic 1939–1943 (Pen & Sword Maritime)
Bernard EdwardsQuiet Heroes: British Merchant Seamen at War, 1939–1945 (Pen & Sword Maritime)
Stephen EllisThe Russian Baltic Fleet in the Time of War and Revolution 1914–1918 (Pen & Sword)
Michael FordHunting the Last Great Pirate: Benito de Soto and the Rape of the Morning Star (Pen & Sword)
Richard FreemanAtlantic Nightmare: The Longest Continuous Military Campaign in World War II (Lume Books)
Norman FriedmanFighting the Great War at Sea: Strategy, Tactics and Technology (Seaforth Publishing)
William GilbertSuperyacht Captain (Book Design)
John GoodladThe Cod Hunters (Shetland Amenity Trust)
Michael GreenImages of War United States Navy Submarines 1900-2019, Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives (Pen & Sword Maritime)
John Grehan and Alexander NicollDunkirk Evacuation, Operation Dynamo: Nine Days that Saved an Army (Pen & Sword)
James HamiltonCaptain James Cook and the Search for Antarctica (Pen & Sword)
Aaron HamiltonTotal Undersea War: The Evolutionary Role of the Snorkel in Dönitz's U-boat Fleet 1944-1945 (Pen & Sword)
Jill HeinerthInto The Planet: My Life as a Cave Diver (Penguin Random House)
Paul HeineyOcean Sailing (Bloomsbury)
Peter HoreThe Trafalgar Chronicle, New Series 4, Dedicated to Naval History in The Nelson Era (Seaforth Publishing)
Brian IzzardMastermind of Dunkirk and D-Day: The Vision of Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay (Casemate Publishers)
Mark JessopThe Royal Navy in The Napoleonic Age: Senior Service 1800–1815 (Pen & Sword History)
Steven JohnsonEnemy of All Mankind: A True Story of Piracy, Power, and History's First Global Manhunt (Penguin Random House)
John Jordan and Philippe CaresseFrench Armoured Cruisers 1887–1932 (Seaforth Publishing)
Sarah KerrThe British Lighthouse Trail (Whittles Publishing)
Andrew LambertSeapower States (Yale University Press)
John LehmanOceans Ventured: Winning the Cold War at Sea (W. W. Norton)
Donald MacintyreThe Battle of the Atlantic (Pen & Sword Maritime)
Emily Malcolm and Michael HarrisonGlasgow Museums, The Ship Models (Seaforth Publishing)
Ian MalcolmShipping Company Losses of the Second World War - Book II: British Merchant Navy (Moira Brown)
Peter Marsden1545 Who Sank the Mary Rose? (Seaforth Publishing)
Philip MarsdenThe Summer Isles: A Voyage of the Imagination (Granta)
Evan MawdsleyThe War for the Seas: A Maritime History of World War 11 (Yale)
John McKaySovereigns of the Sea (Pen & Sword)
Bernard MoitessierThe Long Way (Sheridon House)
Ron NeishLeith-Built Ships: Volume 1 (Whittles Publishing)
Captain Chris O'FlahertyNaval Minewarfare - Politics to Practicalities (The Choir Press)
Peter PadfieldMayflower 11 Diary: Sketchers from a Lost Age (Casa Forte Press)
Simon ParkinA Game of Birds and Wolves (Sceptre Books)
Lawrence PatersonEagles Over the Seas 1943–45: A History of Luftwaffe Maritime Operations (Seaforth Publishing)
Rodney Patterson and Barry PickthallSuperdocious: Racing Insights and Revelations from the Legendary Olympic Sailor Rodney Patterson (Adlard Coles)
Andrew PikeAgainst All Odds: The Epic Story of The Oceanos Rescue (Jonathan Ball Publishers)
Alexander Quinlan and N.E. MannCooking for Seamen (National Maritime Museum)
Mark Redknap, Sian Rees and Alan AbergWales and the Sea: 10,000 Years of Welsh Maritime History (Y Lolfa)
Alex RogersThe Deep: Hidden Wonders of Our Oceans and How We Can Protect Them (Wildfire)
Stephen RoskillSecret Capture - U110 and the Enigma Story (Seaforth Publishing)
Hilary RubinsteinCatastrophe at Spithead: The Sinking of the Royal George (Seaforth Publishing)
Margaret SchotteSailing School: Navigating Science and Skill (John Hopkins University Press)
Graham SimonsThe Secret US Plan (Pen & Sword)
Harry SmeeGunpowder and Glory: The Explosive Life of Frank Brock OBE (Casemate Publishers)
Robert SternThe Modern Cruiser (Pen & Sword)
Noel StimsonRMS Titanic: A 21st Century Update to Set the Record Straight (Desktop Studio)
Julian StockwinTo the Eastern Seas - Sir Thomas Kydd (Hodder & Stoughton)
Anthony SullivanBritain's War Against the Slave Trade: The Operations of The Royal Navy's West Africa Squadron 1807–1867 (Pen & Sword)
Stephen TaylorSons of the Waves (Yale University Press)
Brian WalterThe Longest Campaign: Britain's Maritime Struggle in the Atlantic and Northwest Europe 1939–45 (Casemate Publishers)
Conrad WatersWorld Naval Review 2020 (Seaforth Publishing)
Conrad WatersBritish Town Class Cruisers, Design, Development & Performance Southampton & Belfast Classes (Seaforth Publishing)

The Donald Gosling Award for Best Television or Film Production

Dominic Ashton and Jo Conchie
World's Most Luxurious Superyacht
Blakeway North (Channel 5)

Nicola Bathurt
Warship: Life at Sea
Artlab Films (Channel 5)

Nicola Bathhurst
Warship: Life Below Decks
Artlab Films (Channel 5)

David Beltion and Andy Byatt
Ghosts of the Deep - Ancient Shipwrecks
Black Sea Films (More4)

Leo Birley
My Grandparents' War
Wild Pictures (Channel 4)

Celia Boden
Giant Lobster Hunters
TCB Media Rights (Channel 4)

Dominic Bowles
World's Greatest Warships
IWC Media (Channel 5)

Tom Dalzell
Dom Goes to America
Flicker Productions (BBC One)

Ray Easmon
Cruising with Jane McDonald
Viacom International (Channel 5)

Ron Goetz and Shel Piercy
Titanic: Stories of the Deep
Infinity Films (Yesterday)

Rick Goodwin
Nightmare Cruises - Going Overboard
True North (Channel 4)

Rick Goodwin
Maiden: War on the Waves
New Black Films (BBC Four)

Masazumi Komoda
Deep Ocean: Giants of the Antarctic Deep
NHK (BBC Four)

Claire Mason
Billion Pound Cruise
Fullwell73 (Channel 5)

Jonathan Mayo
Combat Ships
Woodcut Media (Smithsonian Channel)

Danny O'Brien
Shipwreck Secrets
Like A Shot Entertainment (Yesterday)

Luke Pavey
Cornwall: This Fishing Life
Folk Films (BBC Two)

Steven Perring
Digging up for Britain: HMS Invincible
Viacom International (Channel 5)

Martha Pitwood
Great British Ships
Windfall Films (Channel 5)

Oliver Price
The World's Most Expensive Cruise Ship
ITN Productions (Channel 5)

Tom Ranson
Ocean Autopsy - The Secret Story of our Seas
Pioneer Productions (BBC Four)

Alex Raw
Saving Lives at Sea
Blast! By the Sea (BBC Two)

Stuart Rose
Building the Ultimate Mega Cruise Ship
Windfall Films (Channel 5)

Aaron Schneider
Sony Pictures (Blockbuster)

Jonney Steven
Impossible Engineering: Boka Vanguard
TwoFour Productions (Yesterday)

Marcus Sulley
Trawlermen: Celebs at Sea
Keo West (Channel 5)

Chris Terrill
Britain's Biggest Warship Goes to Sea
Uppercut Films (BBC Two)

The Grand Tour – Seamen
Amazon Prime (On demand)

Thomas Vinterberg
Kursk: The Last Mission
tbc (Signature Entertainment)

Ian White
Monster Ships
WAG TV (Yesterday)

Matthew Wortman
Lost Ships - The Hunt for the Kaiser's Superfleet
TVT Productions/Polestar Pictures (Smithsonian Channel)

The First Sea Lord’s Award for Best Use of Digital Media


Canal and River Trust

GB Row Challenge 2020

Hull: Yorkshire's Maritime City

Mayflower 400

Natasha Lambert: Disabled sailor and adventurer

Schmidt Ocean Institute

The Green Blue

The Trafalgar Way – The 1805 Club

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