Awards Nominations

Full List of Nominations for the Maritime Media Awards 2021

Published: 07 September 2021

The Desmond Wettern Award for Best Journalism

The Award is made to the journalist whose writing, in the opinion of the Awards Committee, has made the most constructive contribution to generating public awareness of current maritime issues during the qualifying period.

The Mountbatten Award for Best Book

The Award is made to the author of the work of literature published in English during the qualifying period that, in the opinion of the Awards Committee, has contributed most significantly to public awareness of maritime issues.

  • James W BancroftTitanic: 'Iceberg Ahead'. The Story of the Disaster by Some of Those Who Were There (Pen and Sword)
  • Richard BarbourThe Loss of the Trades Increase: An Early Modern Maritime Catastrophe (University of Pennsylvania Press)
  • Martyn R BeardsleyHeroes of the RNLI: The Storm Warriors (Pen and Sword)
  • Brian BestElizabeth's Sea Dogs and their War Against Spain (Pen and Sword)
  • Andrew BoydBritish Naval Intelligence through the Twentieth Century (Seaforth Publishing)
  • Paul BrownAbandon Ship: The Real Story of the Sinkings in the Falklands War (Osprey Publishing)
  • Geoffrey Budworth and Jason DaltonThe Book of Knots: Over 125 Practical Knots for All Purposes (Ivy Press)
  • Dariusz R. BugajskiNavigational Rights and Freedoms in the International Law and Practice (Polish Naval Academy University Press)
  • Mark CarneThe Making of a Royal Naval Officer (Unicorn Publishing)
  • John ChuterUnfortunate Occurrences and Knavish Tricks: The Last Voyage of the SS Capira (Unicorn Publishing)
  • Maurice CockerRoyal Navy Submarines: 1901 to the Present Day (Pen and Sword)
  • Donald CollingwoodThe Captain Class Frigates in the Second World War (Pen and Sword)
  • David Cordingly and John FalconerPirates: Fact and Fiction (National Maritime Museum)
  • David CraddockWhat Ship, Where Bound? A History of Visual Communication at Sea (Seaforth Publishing)
  • Tom CunliffePilot Cutters Under Sail: Pilots and Pilotage in Britain and Northern Europe (Seaforth Publishing)
  • Jonas Dahm and Carl DouglasGhost Ships of the Baltic Sea (Max Ström)
  • James D G DavidsonAdmiral Lord St. Vincent: Saint or Tyrant? The Life of Sir John Jervis, Nelson's Patron (Pen and Sword)
  • Steve DunnThe Power and the Glory: Royal Navy Fleet Reviews from Earliest Times to 2005 (Seaforth Publishing)
  • Dave EggersThe Lights & Types of Ships at Night (Global Publisher Services)
  • Dr Nic FieldsLepanto 1571: The Madonna's Victory (Pen and Sword)
  • Colin FreemanBetween the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Icon Books)
  • Norman FriedmanBritish Naval Weapons of World War Two: The John Lambert Collection, Volume III - Coastal Forces Weapons (Pen and Sword)
  • Ian FrielBritain and the Ocean Road: Shipwrecks and People, 1297-1825 (Pen and Sword)
  • Ian FrielBreaking Seas, Broken Ships: People, Shipwrecks and Britain, 1854–2007 (Pen and Sword)
  • Howard FullerTurret versus Broadside: The Divisive Evolution of British Naval Power, 1860-1870 (Helion & Company)
  • Victor Oyaro Gekara and Helen SampsonThe World of the Seafarer: Qualitative Accounts of Working in the Global Shipping Industry (Springer International Publishing)
  • Michael GreenThe United States Marine Corps in the Korean War: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives (Pen and Sword)
  • Michael GreenUnited States Navy Destroyers: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives (Pen and Sword)
  • Geoffrey GreshTo Rule Eurasia's Waves: The New Great Power Competition at Sea (Yale University)
  • John HarrisThe Last Slave Ships: New York and the End of the Middle Passage (Yale University)
  • Mark HartlandThe Takeaway (Black Swan Books)
  • Max HastingsOperation Pedestal: The Fleet That Battled to Malta 1942 (William Collins)
  • Tim Heath and Michela CocolinHitler's Lost State: The Fall of Prussia and the Wilhelm Gustloff Tragedy (Pen and Sword)
  • Sean Heuvel, Judith Pearson, John RodgaardThe Trafalgar Chronicle: Dedicated to Naval History in the Nelson Era: New Series 5 (Seaforth Publishing)
  • David HobbsTaranto: And Naval Air Warfare in the Mediterranean, 1940-1945 (Seaforth Publishing)
  • Peter HoreBletchley Park's Secret Source: Churchill's Wrens and the Y Service in World War II (Pen and Sword)
  • John Jordan and Robert DumasFrench Battleships: 1922-1956 (Seaforth Publishing)
  • John JordanWarships After London: The End of the Treaty Era in the Five Major Fleets 1930–1936 (Seaforth Publishing)
  • Claire Jowitt, Craig Lambert, Steve MentzThe Routledge Companion to Marine and Maritime Worlds, 1400-1800 (Routledge)
  • Mike KeulemansNever to Sail in Her: Queen Victoria's Last Royal Yacht (Chaffcutter Books)
  • Hans Joachim KoerverThe Kaiser's U-Boat Assault on America: Germany's Great War Gamble in the First World War (Pen and Sword)
  • Angus KonstamMutiny on the Spanish Main: HMS Hermione and the Royal Navy’s Revenge (Osprey Publishing)
  • Richard LarnSea of Storms: Shipwrecks of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (Mabecron Books)
  • Charles ManningFly Navy: View from the Cockpit, 1945-2000 (Seaforth Publishing)
  • Peter J MarshLiberty Factory: The Untold Story of Henry Kaiser's Oregon Shipyards (Seaforth Publishing)
  • Rob MundleBligh: Master Mariner (Pen and Sword)
  • Ben PinningtonMaking Waves: PR Strategies to Transform Your Maritime Business (Rethink Press)
  • Owen ReesGreat Naval Battles of the Ancient Greek World (Pen and Sword)
  • John RobertsDestroyer Cossack: Detailed in the Original Builders' Plans (Seaforth Publishing)
  • Quentin RussellMediterranean Naval Battles That Changed the World (Pen and Sword)
  • Julian SanctonMadhouse at the End of the Earth (W H Allen)
  • Helen Scales The Brilliant Abyss: True Tales of Exploring the Deep Sea, Discovering Hidden Life and Selling the Seabed (Bloomsbury)
  • Jak P Mallmann ShowellHitler's Attack U-Boats: The Kriegsmarine's WWII Submarine Strike Force (Pen and Sword)
  • Rebecca SimonWhy We Love Pirates (Mango)
  • Peter C SmithNaval Warfare in the English Channel, 1939-1945 (Pen and Sword)
  • Charles D StantonMedieval Maritime Warfare (Pen and Sword)
  • Charles StephensonThe Eastern Fleet and the Indian Ocean, 1942-1944: The Fleet that Had to Hide (Pen and Sword)
  • Jon Sutherland and Diane CanwellChurchill's Pirates: The Royal Naval Patrol Service in World War II (Pen and Sword)
  • Graham A ThomasAttack on the Scheldt: Allied Operations in Northern Europe 1944 (Pen and Sword)
  • John VolanthenThirteen Lessons that Saved Thirteen Lives: The Thai Cave Rescue (Aurum)
  • Derek WaltersThe History of the British U Class Submarine (Pen and Sword)
  • Ben Warlow and J J ColledgeShips of the Royal Navy: The Complete Record of all Fighting Ships of the Royal Navy from the 15th Century to the Present (Pen and Sword)
  • Conrad WaltersSeaforth World Naval Review: 2021 (Seaforth Publishing)
  • Francesca WebsterPuritan: The Portrait of an American Queen (Self-published)
  • Gordon WilliamsonU-Boats at War in 100 Objects, 1939-1945 (Pen and Sword)
  • G R G WorcesterThe Junks and Sampans of the Yangtze (Seaforth Publishing)
  • R Glenn WrightUnmanned and Autonomous Ships: An Overview of MASS (Routledge)
  • Stephen WynnThe Shetland 'Bus': Transporting Secret Agents Across the North Sea in WW2 (Navy Books-Pen and Sword)
  • Stephen WynnThe Lancastria Tragedy: Sinking and Cover-up, June 1940 (Pen and Sword)

The Donald Gosling Award for Best Television or Film Production

The Award is made to the director, producer, or other person responsible for making the film or television programme, released or broadcast in the United Kingdom during the qualifying period, that in the opinion of the Awards Committee has made the most significant contribution to the public understanding of maritime matters.

  • Kip Anderson and Ali Tabrizi
    Aum Films (Netflix)
  • David Batty
    Lost Films of WWII
    7A Films (BBC Four)
  • Mark Benjamin
    Murder at Sea
    Brick City TV (Greenpeace)
  • Edward Berger
    AMC Networks (BBC Two)
  • Johnny Burke
    Lost at Sea: My Dad's Last Journey
    Renegade Pictures (Channel 4)
  • Henrik Evertsson
    Estonia: The Find That Changes Everything
    Monster (Discovery Channel)
  • Cameo George
    The Codebreaker
    PBS (PBS America)
  • Stan Griffin
    The Lost Pirate Kingdom
    World Media Rights (Netflix)
  • Jess Howe
    Cornwall: This Fishing Life
    Folk Films (BBC Two)
  • Richard Martyn
    Mighty Cruise Ships
    Discovery Europe (Discovery Quest)
  • Karen Selway
    Nelson: Britain's Great Naval Hero
    ITN Productions (Channel 5)
  • Page Shepherd
    Billion Pound Cruises - All at Sea
    Title Role (ITV1)
  • Jess Thomas
    Don't Rock the Boat
    South Shore Productions (ITV1)
  • Oliver Twinch
    History's Greatest Mysteries - The Hunt for Shackleton's Ice Ship
    Atlantic Productions (Sky History)
  • Tim Usborne
    On Board Britain's Nuclear Submarine: Trident
    Artlab Films (Channel 5)

The Babcock International First Sea Lord’s Award for Best Use of Digital Media

The Award is made to the team or person who, in the opinion of the Awards Committee, has made the most constructive contribution to generating awareness of current maritime issues through digital media, including websites, handheld device applications, or social media networks.

A celebration of maritime journalism, literature,
digital innovation, and filmmaking

The Maritime Media Awards is attended by prominent members of the international maritime community and media.

Terms and conditions

The Awards Committee has absolute discretion to refuse any nomination that does not in its opinion meet the eligibility criteria and reserves the right to reassign nominations to a category it believes is most suited to the information provided in the nomination.

The Judges’ decision is final and no communication will be entered into regarding any decisions made.

The winners of the Maritime Media Awards 2021 will be announced in October 2021. Awards will be presented at Drapers’ Hall, Throgmorton Street, London EC2N 2AN on Thursday, 28 October 2021.

Photographs of the winners will be published on the Maritime Foundation website.