Full List of Nominations for the Maritime Media Awards 2019

The Awards Committee very much welcomes the part played by the public in bringing attention to deserving work across the range of media the Awards represent.

Published: 05 September 2019

The Desmond Wettern Award for Best Journalism

Jonathan Beale
Defence Correspondent, BBC News

Alistair Bunkall
Defence & Security Correspondent, Sky News

Sam Chambers
Editor, Maritime CEO

Robert Frump
Journalist, Frump Blog

Sam Llewellyn
Editor, The Marine Quarterly

Dominic Nicholls
Defence and Security Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph

Paul Ridgway
Correspondent, Seagull

Alan Tovey
Industry Editor, The Daily Telegraph

Ben Webster
Environment Editor, The Times

The Mountbatten Award for Best Book

David AbrutatVanguard: The True Stories of the Reconnaissance and Intelligence Missions behind D-Day (Unicorn Publishing Group)
Roy and Lesley AdkinsGibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History (Little Brown)
Maggie BallingerBritannia's Glory - A Maritime Story: Great Britain’s Seafaring History Told in Verse (Unicorn Publishing Group)
Quintin BarryFrom Solebay to the Texel: The Third Anglo-Dutch War, 1672-1674 (Casemate Publishers)
Peter BaxterAfter the Lost Franklin Expedition: Lady Franklin and John Rae (Pen & Sword Maritime)
Julia BlackburnTime Song: Searching for Doggerland (Jonathan Cape/Penguin)
John BlakeHMS Belfast Pocket Manual (Osprey Publishing)
R A BurtThe Last British Battleship: HMS Vanguard, 1946-1960 (Seaforth Publishing)
Lars CelanderHow Carriers Fought: Carrier Operations in WWII (Casemate Publishers)
Jeremy DixonThe U-Boat Commanders: Knight's Cross Holders 1939-1945 (Pen & Sword Maritime)
Aidan DodsonBefore the Battlecruiser: The Big Cruiser in the World's Navies 1865-1910 (Pen & Sword Books)
Steve DunnSouthern Thunder: The Royal Navy and the Scandinavian Trade in World War One (Pen & Sword Books)
Elanor DymottSlack-Tide (Jonathan Cape/Penguin)
Quentin FalkMr Midshipman VC: The Short Accident-Prone Life of George Drewry, Gallipoli Hero (Pen & Sword Books)
Peter FeyBloody Sixteen: The USS Oriskany and Air Wing 16 during the Vietnam War (Casemate Publishers)
Russell FieldingThe Wake of the Whale: Hunter Societies in the Caribbean and North Atlantic (Harvard University Press)
David GangeThe Frayed Atlantic Edge (Harper Collins)
William H Garzke Jr, Robert O Dulin Jr, William J JurensBattleship Bismarck: A Design and Operational History (Seaforth Publishing)
Marco GhiglinoItalian Naval Camouflage of World War II (Pen & Sword Books)
James GoldrickAfter Jutland: The Naval War in Northern European Waters, June 1916–November 1918 (Pen & Sword Books)
Peter GoodwinNelson's Arctic Voyage: The Royal Navy’s first polar expedition 1773 (Bloomsbury)
Nicholas GreyAstronauts of Cape Horn (Conrad Press)
Dr Chris HealThe Sound of Hunger: One German family's chronicle of the chivalry, politics, lies, murder and aftermath of war (Unicorn Publishing Group)
John HenshawLiberty's Provenance (Seaforth Publishing)
Tim Hillier-GravesHeaven High, Ocean Deep: Naval Fighter Wing at War (Casemate Publishers)
David HobbsAircraft Carrier Victorious: Detailed in the Original Builders' Plans (Pen & Sword Books)
David HobbsThe Dawn of Carrier Strike: The World of Lieutenant W P Lucy DSO RN (Pen & Sword Books)
Peter HoreHenry Harwood: Hero of the River Plate (Pen & Sword Books)
Captain Jack IsbesterHARD DOWN! HARD DOWN!: The Life and Times of Captain John Isbester from Shetland (Whittles Publishing)
Kerry JangLarge Scale Warship Models: From Kits to Scratch Building (Pen & Sword Books)
Larry Jeram-Croft, Terry MartinThe Royal Navy Wasp (Pen & Sword Books)
Nicholas JellicoeThe Last Days of the High Seas Fleet: From Mutiny to Scapa Flow (Pen & Sword Books)
Mark JessopThe Royal Navy 1793-1800: Birth of a Superpower (Pen & Sword Books)
Angus KonstamThe Pirate World: A History of the Most Notorious Sea Robbers (Osprey Publishing)
John KretschmerSailing to the Edge of Time: The Promise, the Challenges, and the Freedom of Ocean Voyaging (Bloomsbury)
John Lambert, Al RossAllied Coastal Forces of World War II (Pen & Sword Books)
Tony LeweryOff the Mainline: Reflections on a Life with Canals (Canal Book Shop)
Dr Innes McCartneyScapa 1919: The Archaeology of a Scuttled Fleet (Osprey Publishing)
Chris McNabThe Merchant Navy Seaman Pocket Manual 1939–1945 (Casemate Publishers)
Chris McNabThe Submarine Commander Pocket Manual 1939–1945 (Casemate Publishers)
David MearaThe Great Scuttle: The End of the German High Seas Fleet (Amberley Books)
Simon MillsExploring the Britannic: The life, last voyage and wreck of Titanic's tragic twin (Bloomsbury)
Peter MooreEndeavour: The Ship and the Attitude that Changed the World (Vintage/Penguin)
Edmund NewellThe Sacramental Sea: A Spiritual Voyage through Christian History (Darton Longman Todd)
Wes OlsonThe Last Cruise of a German Raider: The Destruction of SMS Emden (Pen & Sword Books)
Dr Rodney PellLittle Ship, Big Story (Conrad Press)
Richard PerkinsBritish Warship Recognition: The Perkins Identification Albums (Pen & Sword Books)
Oliver PerkinsReading the Clouds: How You Can Forecast the Weather (Bloomsbury)
Charles Rangeley-WilsonSilver Shoals: Five Fish That Made Britain (Vintage/Penguin)
Alan RavenBritish Cruiser Warfare: The Lessons of the Early War, 1939-1941 (Pen & Sword Books)
Anthony RichardsThe Lusitania Sinking: Eyewitness Accounts from Survivors (Pen & Sword Books)
Jim RingHow the Navy Won the War: The Real Instrument of Victory 1914 1918 (Pen & Sword Books)
Gwilym RobertsEngineering Hitler's Downfall: the Brains that Enabled Victory (Whittles Publishing)
Charlotte RuncieSalt On Your Tongue: Women and the Sea (Canongate)
Gareth RussellThe Darksome Bounds of a Failing World (Harper Collins)
Victoria Schofield (Editor)With The Royal Navy in War and Peace: O'er The Deep Blue Sea (Pen & Sword Books)
Leonard Skinner and Mary CooneyEscape Under Sail: Pursue Your Liveaboard Dream (Bloomsbury)
Rachel SladeInto the Raging Sea: Thirty-Three Mariners, One Megastorm, and the Sinking of El Faro (Harper Collins)
Craig L SymondsWorld War II at Sea: A Global History (Oxford University Press)
Clive and Sue TaylorCold War Fleet: Ships of the Royal Navy 1966–91, A Photographic Album (Osprey Publishing)
James TaylorPicturing the Pacific: Joseph Banks and the shipboard artists of Cook and Flinders (Bloomsbury)
Ian TewMemoirs of a Seafarer (Author)
Christina ThompsonSea People: In Search of the Ancient Navigators of the Pacific (Harper Collins)
Ian UrbinaThe Outlaw Ocean (Penguin Random House)
Edmund S WongThe Sea Takes No Prisoners: Stories from the Men & Ships of the Royal Navy in the Second World War (Unicorn Publishing Group)

The Donald Gosling Award for Best Television or Film Production

Lizzie Bolton and Tom Watt-Smith
Drowning in Plastic
RawTV (BBC One)

Ian Duncan and Fred Hepburn
Great British Ships
Windfall Films (Channel 5)

Nigel Gainsborough
Mega Shippers
Back2Back (Quest)

Ian Hunt
Skeletons of the Mary Rose - New Evidence
Avanti (Channel 4)

Alix MacDonald
Disasters at Sea
Bell Media (Quest)

Donavan Marsh
Hunter Killer
Lionsgate/Summit (Box office, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD)

Sedan McGuire
Captain Jack and the Furious Few
Below the Radar (BBC Four)

Luke McLaughlin
Britain's Greatest Ship
Windfall Films (Channel 5)

Maxine Peake and Vanessa Shockley
Last Testament of Lillian Belocca
Testimony Films (BBC Four)

Simon Philips
Warship - Life at Sea
Artlab Films (Channel 5)

Colin Rothbart
The Cruise: Shanghai to Sidney
Wild Pictures (ITV)

Ben Ryder
Secret Life of the Cruise Ship
Brinkworth Productions (Channel 5)

Crispin Sadler
Drain the Oceans
Mallinson Sadler (National Geographic)

Jonney Steven
Impossible Engineering
TwoFour Broadcast (Yesterday)

Paul Taylor
Britain by Boat
Knickerbockerglory (Channel 5)

Roger Webb
Blue Planet Live
BBC Natural History (BBC One)

The First Sea Lord’s Award for Best Use of Digital Media

Adventures Offshore

Black Sea MAP (Maritime Archaeology Project)

COMATG / 3 Commando Brigade
@ComdAmphibTG / @3Cdo_Bde / @Commando_Ops / @commando_operations

D Styles Images (Offshore Maritime Photographer)

Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War

Plastic Patrol

Raconteur - Maritime Economy

Save The Royal Navy

Seafarers Happiness Index (The Mission to Seafarers)

STEM Crew (1851 Trust) supported by INEOS Team UK

Terms and conditions

The Awards Committee has absolute discretion to refuse any nomination that does not in its opinion meet the eligibility criteria and reserves the right to reassign nominations to a category it believes is most suited to the information provided in the nomination.

The Judges' decision is final and no communication will be entered into regarding any decisions made.

The winners of the Maritime Media Awards 2019 will be announced at Drapers' Hall on Thursday, 31 October 2019.

Photographs of the winners will be published on the Maritime Foundation website.