Creating interest in maritime matters

In 1995, in memory of the former naval correspondent of The Daily Telegraph, the Foundation initiated the Desmond Wettern Media Award to give recognition to those journalists who do the most to create public awareness of maritime matters.

This initiative grew into the annual Maritime Media Awards honouring journalists, authors, filmmakers, digital creators and others whose work in the media has served to create a greater public understanding of maritime issues, and of the UK’s dependence upon the sea.:

Nominations, which may be made by any interested person, are judged by an expert panel of Judges.

The number of journalists, books, digital creators, and films and television programmes nominated for the Awards continues to grow year after year.

The Awards suite also includes the Royal Navy – Desmond Wettern Fleet Award and the Maritime Fellowship Award, for which nominations are made, respectively, by the Royal Navy and the Maritime Foundation.

Maritime Awareness and a Champion of the Sea

The Maritime Foundation promotes awareness of the UK’s dependence upon the sea and seafarers and champions the UK’s interests across the entire maritime sector at home and abroad.

The Foundation aims to be a conduit with its diverse and broad range of contacts and connections fostering positive and factual news, features and developments to the media and the entire maritime dimension.